Custom Modular Homes Building Systems LLC.

15 Unity Lane   New Paltz,   NY 12561

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Services we can provide for you

Construction Planning and Project Site Review

Modular Home and Floor plan layout and design, inside, outside and overview

Modular Homes Full Construction Stamped Plans

Stamped Foundation Plans

Building and Health Department Permits where required

Site clearing, excavation and improvement

Foundation, Basements, Footing Drains, Septic Systems

Water Wells, or Municipal Water, Sewer, Gas, and or Electric hookups.

Heating Oil, Gas Boiler or Furnace, or Hydro Heating systems.

Electric Service and interior connections, Phone, Data, Cable

Air-conditioning with or with heating coils.

Driveways, Porches, Decks, Garages, Breezeways

The Modular Home, FIO "Finished In and Out", SCB "Set Caped Bolted",

Crane and Set Crew to erect the Modular Home on your Foundation

Energy Star Rated Homes


Additional Professional Services

Professional Licensed Structural Engineers

Professional Licensed Surveyors

Professional Licensed Architects 



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