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After 24 years here at the Marlboro Modular Home Factory and Model Home location and only after this prolong down turn in the Housing Market here in New York State, we are forced to leave our Marlboro location. We are very sorry but time has come to move  back to our Home Office. We are setting up our new Sales Office, please see below.



15 Unity Lane

New Paltz, NY 12561

845-236-1200 Phone/Fax e-mail  web site


Call to set up an appointment or discuss your needs.

We are still going to represent Excel Homes LLC as the Manufacturer of our Modular Homes to our customers.

We will continue to sell both Wholesale and Retail Modular Homes and act as a full Building General Contractor to any and all that may need our services.


We Thank you for your support over the past 24 years of working here in Marlboro.


Thank you,


Richard T. Thompson




Now that 2013 is well under way and Spring has taken hold. The bug for building that New Modular Home should be if the go stage by now. If you are looking to be in your new home for the fall, now is the time to start the process. Some of you have been sitting on the fence. Well it's time to get off the fence and come down and lets get your new Modular Home Ordered and start the Construction process. Stop in or give us a call for an appointment to get your project moving for you.

is short for Custom Modular Homes Building Systems LLC.
we are located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, New York. We have been in the Custom Modular Home Industry for Manufacturing to Wholesale and Retail Sales, form site preparation to completion and Turn Key Home Sales. We have sold thousands of homes over the past twenty five years, and completed hundreds of Turn Key Retail projects. In recent days we have replaced some homes to a loss of fire damage in very fast time frame. Also Second Story Additions to existing older Homes and just additions seem to be a thought on many customers minds. While property is getting harder to find a building lot, their is a of interest in an older or run down home, and then we replace it with a Custom Modular Home. Just a another  thinking for many new potential home owners.   

UP date March 21,2012
Spring is here who would thought 80deg's for March 20th "Think Spring"
will soon be here, Now would be the time get get started with planning your New Home. With Land and Mortgage at very low or starting levels, planting the New Home Seed is the time. New Home Construction has started to rise from its all time lows. Call and set up an appointment so we can get you started with planning your New Home. :

Mortgage and Construction Financing
Express Financing
We are now offering Construction and End Loan Financing with as little as 3 1/2% Down, Financing from $271,050 up to  $443,750.00 under this program.
One Closing, 620 Credit Score.
We will be posting additional information very soon so keep posted.
This Program is for Total Turn Key Qualified Customers, Yes First and Second Time Home Buyers take note can't wait for the federal government to do something, let us help you get stimulated and into your New Modular Home.

Think about Super Insulation your New Home now and save many of thousands while living in your New Home.

Energy Star Programs built into your new constructed home now will save, save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Energy Star Ready Homes:
More and more Town Building Departments are Requiring that all New Homes be Energy Star Qualified. Well we can not only make you New Home Energy Star Qualified but we can make it Energy Star Ready. Come in and discuss how the process can work for you. Build your New Home and start saving money before you move in and every day there after.

Come in and lets get started today,
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Welcome to CMHBS LLC

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15 Unity Lane
New Paltz, NY 12561

















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Work completed, Customer back in New Home:

 The Customers New Modular Home was ordered on June 14th Home replaced due to Fire in Milton, NY.

Customers built the home of their home on Family property thirty eight prior. One early morning in February they were awoken to the fact that their home of so many years was on fire. They were able to get out of the structure with little in hand, but yet safe and alive. After working with their insurance company and bank, we started the process of helping to get their lives back to a new normal. We worked with the Customers to design a new floor plan layout for the property. We were able to save and use the old foundation for half of the new structure. We extended that foundation to except the new size and style of home that the customers selected. They made exterior and interior selections and other items and components (cabinets, flooring, tile, trim, siding, shingles, heating, cooling, windows, doors) and so on. After all the selections and customer approval of the selections were made by June. The New Home Order was placed June 14th. and Delivered on July 27th. Forty Seven Days (47) after delivery of the New Modular Home we obtained the Certificate of Occupancy, and gave the Keys to their New Modular Home to our Customers. They were in their words " Thrilled ". My Wife who designed their new home plan and helped in the selection of the components for the new home are very happy for them and "We wish them well". 

Simmons Finished


A Home Replaced 

Below is a New Custom Modular Home this home was built to replace the original  home that was destroyed by fire this past year. The customer came to us in October and we went to contract with the home owner as their General Contractor/Builder. After receiving a demolishing permit and then a building permit construction started on Nov 1, 2011. On December 13, 2011 we took delivery of this new Cottage Style Home from Excel Homes Group LLC. for our Customer. The home that was destroyed by the fire had been part of the customers family for many years, sadly to say it was destroyed by the fire. This home was a modified from an Excel plan for the Customers liking due to the home location. The customers building lot was extremely small and presented many issues. We removed the Damaged Home, decks, and foundation and replaced all by February 2, 2012 CO is now in the hands of the customer, thank you for letting us do this project for you.

 Cottage Home


Another Home Replaced

Several years ago we were asked to replace another home that was a total lost to a fire. We worked with the home owners and re-designed the modular home plan for the customers liking. After going to contract we ordered the New Modular Home "The Maybrook". Working with the Home Owner we had this new home built, shipped, delivered, installed, finished on the Outside and Inside of the U-Shaped Ranch Home, The picture was taken a year after the home installed at its location.

Williams Home 










Excel Homes LLC.


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